Whenever anyone learns about our journey, one of the first things out of their mouth is usually, “So, where are you going? What’s the plan?” And all I can think of is “plan”.


A very vague, but true answer to question #1 is: anywhere beautiful. National Parks. Renowned hiking areas. White sand beaches. If it’s breathtaking, we want to see it. If it’s not breathtaking but still pretty damn good looking, we want to see it too.

With that said, our “plan” these days looks a little different. It’s not all about the van. Right now, our “plan” is to:

  1. Rehab our recently-purchased single family home in Midvale, Utah to a duplex. Rent out both units for passive income while we’re living in the van
  2. Build out a sweet 900 sq foot one-bedroom apartment on our property. This will serve two purposes: a) storage for off-season gear while we’re in the van and b) a place to live and call our own when we’re in the area
  3. Get back to living on the road and exploring this beautiful world full-time

For all future travel or local recommendations, we are always open to suggestions. We have a running list of places to visit and are always happy to receive first-hand intel. If you have a recommendation, please send it our way!

The Plan

Pretty straight forward, right?