Whenever anyone learns about our journey, one of the first things out of their mouth is usually, “So, where are you going? What’s the plan?”

A very vague, but true answer to question #1 is: anywhere beautiful. National Parks. Renowned hiking areas. White sand beaches. If it’s breathtaking, we want to see it. If it’s not breathtaking but still pretty damn good looking, we want to see it too.

We’re open to suggestions. We are currently building out a Google Map, pinpointing hikes, popular climbing areas, attractions recommended by friends, must-see’s, etc. We want to be as efficient as possible so we can stay in one place for as long as we want, until we feel we are ready to leave and have done it justice.

As for question #2, “What’s the plan?”, here’s a sneak peek for all you readers out there:

The Plan

Pretty straight forward, right?

So, we don’t have what you would call an actual “plan.” Whenever we make one, it changes and I don’t update this page enough to do it justice. Right now, for the winter, I can tell you we’ll be heading South from Seattle. 🙂 If you’re interested in where we’ve traveled so far, check it out here.