Oh you Bad…lands.

Whenever I heard “South Dakota”, this is what I thought:

Sure, this photo WAS taken in South Dakota… but it’s not indicative of the time we enjoyed there. My mission, here and now, is to change the South Dakota stereotype. I hope that the following photos will help change the general perspective. 

We were in the Badlands for about 24 hours, it was less time than expected but we made the most out of it. It was HOT and beautiful. But very hot. And then it stormed. And hailed. And then it was hot again. Welcome to the desert!

Badlands national park
Our first glimpse at the Badlands – pretty awesome start.


Next, on travels with Vaniel: A South Dakota revelation and we get back to climbing!


Author: Lisa

Over one year in van life and loving it. Hiker, rock climber, novice mountain biker, and professional napper. Official “documenter” of our time with Vaniel. Favorite podcast: Stuff You Should Know.

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