An Interlude in Illinois

Ever have plans change? Happened to us. Originally, we thought we were going to be in Illinois for 3-4 weeks: come in for wedding festivities, see family and friends, get back on the road. Then, we decided to remodel Colin’s Naperville apartment and get it listed before leaving. It sounded quick in theory: new floors, new paint, new fixtures. No problemo. However, all good things come with time so that’s what we gave. We were in Illinois for 7 weeks. 

While the majority of our time was spent rehabbing the apartment that Colin owned for ten years, we were able to sneak in some fun with family and friends too.*

We built a van. We rehabbed an apartment. We’re invincible.

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Pre-wedding festivities and one heck of a wedding!

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red barn wedding
Who knew we could clean up so well.

Family and friends. Friends and family. Lots of kiddos!

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*Note: It’s not my fault Colin doesn’t take pictures. But he was in Illinois and had fun too. 


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