Welp, we’re doing it!

If you told me three years ago that I’d be quitting my job to travel the beautiful Americas in a van, I probably would have said, “Ahhh HELL YES!” If you told me I’d be embarking on this incredible adventure with Colin Thompson, I would have said, “Wait, THE Colin Thompson, my next door neighbor from college… that Colin Thompson? #$%@ YES!!!” Then, for a real loop, you could tell me HOW we’d be navigating our travels. I’d pause and think on it for a moment… “So, bathroom?”

I like to imagine the same conversation with Colin…
“You’re going to quit your job and travel the world in a van in 3 years!”
“I have to wait 3 more years?!?!” -Colin
“You’re going to do it with Lisa Bowers!”
“Seriously? LCB? It’s about damn time she came around.”
“It’s going to be in a van!”
“I know. I’ve been planning this for years.”


After years of saving and planning (Colin) and many months of planning and saving (Lisa), we are just about ready to start this journey.

This May, Colin left his job after putting in 11 years of nonstop, stressful (though rewarding) work. Less than two weeks later, he bought our future home and got to work on it. Once we had the necessities: bed and sound-deadening strips, he started taking “the vansion” on adventures (we’re still waiting for the van to figure out its own name). I would bid Colin farewell on Monday mornings, he’d adventure for the week while I worked, and we’d hang out on the weekends.

Not anymore! Friday, August 11 is my last day at work. No more waiting for the weekends to travel. No more cramming a lot of adventure into a short amount of time. No more sitting in weekend traffic to/from camping just because that’s when everyone else is on the road too. No. Now, we adventure together. Whenever we want. GAME ON!

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  1. John Lindstrom says:

    I love that you two are doing this!

  2. Katy says:

    My first thought upon hearing about your new adventure was the same as Lisa’s: bathroom?!

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