A quick tour of the van build: Phase One

Oh man, the van has come together! Last week, we cranked and got the van move-in ready. We’re officially out of our apartment and all of our stuff is in the van. And it looks good. Really good. Sounds like time for a tour, if you ask me.

Is it all done? If you ask Colin, he’d probably say yes. From my OCD chair, I’d say we need more organizing… all in due time. 🙂 As a reminder, Phase One is what we call the “Dirty” build. It’s livable, easy to put together, and it will help us realize if we like this set up that we’ve laid out.  Colin went into great detail here. Phase One will keep us going until November when we go home to do the full van build (with actual walls, cabinets, etc). Until then, this is our beautiful home!

And now, the free tour. I guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth.*

Affectionally called “the nook”, first up is our bedroom. Cozy AF.van tour bedroomIf we turn our gaze to the right, now we’re in our closet. And kitchen. And shower. Or, at least, where we store our shower (the 10L bag).van tour kitchen closetNow, what you all came here to see. THE BATHROOM. *duh duh duhhhh* (Note: as of the publication of this blog, the throne has yet to be christened. However, it has great reviews on Amazon so I’m hopeful – stay tuned). This is also the home of my delicates – woohoo!
van tour toilet bathroomLast but not least, our storage area. Otherwise known as “under the bed” or “above the cab”.van tour garageSo, there it is! Now that you can appreciate it and know all the things, here’s the full panoramic:

vanlife draft build


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  1. Blair says:

    Amazing job!!

  2. Christina says:

    Home sweet van – love it!

  3. Waheed says:

    Amazing! Looking forward to following your blog on your journey!

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