Phase One: Complete. Phase Two: Commence.

Thursday, November 16:  We arrived in Illinois and officially concluded Phase One of our advanture. Is returning to Illinois just in time for winter something either of us ever thought we’d do? That’s a strong negative from both of us. I moved to Seattle to get AWAY from Chicago winter (and closer to beer and mountains, but whatever). Then again, if you asked me two years ago if I ever thought I’d be living in a van, I would have said no too. And yet, here we are.

So, what have we been doing since we got home? A LOT and it’s been fantastic. Both of our families are in Illinois so we have been spending considerable amounts of time catching up with our loved ones. Unfortunately, that means Vaniel has taken a back seat for a few weeks. And he’s never been in the back seat his whole life, so imagine how he feels!*

All of that’s about to change though. Next week, we roll up our sleeves and GET TO WORK. We’ll be back to Vaniel and back to the blog, documenting our build progress. This is where it gets fun, people! Power tools, woodworking, cutting holes in the van for windows, fans, etc. I can’t wait! Note to self: Must get overalls, STAT.

Heidi Tool Time
I like to picture myself as Heidi from Tool Time. The original brunette. Not Pam Anderson (though RESPECT).

Phase One, a very quick recap:

This is what the van looked like:

phase one van build

This is where we went:

Phase One Travel

This quick synopsis doesn’t quite do our two months on the road justice, but it was truly incredible and we’ll dive into more detail later. 🙂


*Bad joke. Sorry not sorry.

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