Bryce Canyon National Park

Ever wish you could avoid all the crowds at one of the more popular National Parks, Bryce? Here’s a tip: Go in early November. You’re golden. Sure, it might be cold and quite windy but you won’t be waiting in any lines. We were there the week before they drastically cut down staff and after the shuttles stopped running. Lovely. 

Bryce Canyon

To enjoy the park, we hiked the Navajo and Peek-a-boo loops, a 5.8 mile hike with about 1,500 feet of elevation gain which felt a bit intense at about 8,500 feet. We lucked out with crystal blue skies even if there was a bite in the air. We saw hoodoos, natural arches, and some vibrant colors. 

Bryce Canyon

It’s hard to believe that people actually settled here, tending to sheep and cows. Here! This is the last place on earth I’d choose. Ebenezer Bryce, for whom the park is named, was a Mormon pioneer who decided to go against the odds and try his hand with “The Land Nobody Else Wanted.” When asked what he thought about the canyon, he answered its a “hell of a place to lose a cow.” Well, no kidding. Lucky for us, it’s a hell of a place to go for a hike. 

bryce canyon As an added surprise, Colin even got to hold Thor’s Hammer. He’s so strong and worthy. 

Bryce Thors Hammer

bryce canyon

Next up: Mountain biking in St. George and a family visit! 

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