Rocking it in the Red Rock Conservation Area

Back to Red Rock! After spending three weeks in Red Rock last October, we went in crazy excited and ready to get after it. We certainly did that – on November 7, our first day in Red Rock, we climbed Solar Slab, a 9-pitch climb, gaining 1,220 feet (5.6). BUT, in order to get there, you have to climb 4-pitches via the climb Johnny Vegas (5.7). As it turns out, we liked Johnny Vegas more than Solar Slab but the entire day was a great adventure nonetheless. The climbing was easy but it was quite the long day. 

Solar Slab Red Rock Solar slab red rock

In a wonderful timeline of events, we also met up with our van friends, Ryan and Michele, who we first met in City of Rocks (and again in Moab). We enjoyed morning stretch sessions, crag climbing in the sunshine on the Pantie Wall, and chill nights spent hanging out with them and their dogs. 

Red Rock Conservation Van Life

red rock climbing

On November 10, Colin and I climbed Armatron, 6-pitches gaining 680 feet (5.9). It was an early and long eight hour day but it was a super fun route with stellar views to boot. 

Armatron Climb Red Rock

On November 13, our last day in Red Rock, Colin climbed Epinephrine with Ryan. It is a crazy classic route in Red Rocks. 13 pitches gaining 1,600 feet (5.9) and they crushed it in less than six hours. Meanwhile, I cleaned the van to perfection. Not exactly a rest day, but it brought me great joy. 🙂 

red rock climbing epinephrine

It was incredibly rewarding seeing how much our climbing had improved over the last year. Being able to climb Armatron (and Epinephrine for Colin) is testament to that fact. I can’t wait to see what climbs open up for us the next time we go there.

After our successful time in Red Rock, Colin and I flew home to Illinois for the holidays for two weeks. Upon our return, we enjoyed a day of mountain biking. Colin saw wild horses on his ride and I enjoyed stellar views of my own. 

While we wanted to stay in Red Rock longer, the weather wasn’t quite what we were looking for. As such, we decided to seek it out in Arizona instead, where our story continues. 

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