Things that make Lisa cranky (Part 1)


I fully recognize I have my quirks. Everyone has things that make them cranky. Some more than others. I’d be in the “more” category.

In the city, my arch nemesis was parallel parking.

Good luck to anyone trying to cheer me up after a frustrating parking endeavor. In the van, it’s parking + other things. While I don’t have a Part 2 drafted yet, I figure it’s safe to assume that a Part 2 is forthcoming.


  1. Difficult uphill hikes or long approaches to climbs I want to do
  2. Getting my shoes wet while doing dishes
  3. Getting my shirt sleeves wet while doing dishes
  4. Getting my pants wet while doing dishes
  5. My phone battery dying every morning because it handles the cold worse than I dophonebattery
  6. Some feminists losing their god damn minds over Colin’s hilarious blog post
  7. Parking Vaniel with an audience
  8. Tiny strands of hair blowing in my face
  9. Peeing on myself (because obviously)
  10. The dark
  11. Going outside to pee in the dark
  12. Waking up early, especially when it’s coldCranky
  13. Colin turning off the car before a song I like hits its refrain/crescendo
  14. Colin telling me to smile when I’m cranky and happy being so, thankyouverymuch
  15. Colin asking why I’m cranky
  16. Being hungryToast
  17. Being tired
  18. Colin adding to this list after I adamantly asked him to
  19. Harder physical exertion than expected (also see approaches)
  20. Dishes getting dirty right after I wash them
  21. Reading the news
  22. Colin telling me a light hike/climb day was a “rest day”
  23. Desperately needing a shower to wash my hair
  24. Me trying to trick Colin by telling him I can’t do something and him reminding me “I’m an independent woman.” (Obviously a Colin submission. I don’t “trick”.*)Angry

*I scheme.

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  1. John Lindstrom says:

    Lisa you are great! Your posts make me smile I remember jumping with you and your go for it attitude. May you find joy in your adventures and peace along the way.

  2. Christina S. says:

    Hahaha, great article!

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