Hello SWFL and Vaniel take Florida, nay, THE WORLD by storm

So there we are. Hanging out in Florida and enjoying a rest day when we get a message to our Instagram. I actually noticed it which is a complete shock as I tend to forget you can even get messages on Insta. Turns out, the message was from a reporter with Hello SWFL who thought our story of van travel was so cool that he hoped we could stay in town to get interviewed. Obviously, we said yes (cause you’re not gonna not get interviewed by Hello SWFL!). 

Ninos, our interviewer and editor, is not only from Illinois but he has also lived in a motorized home, so you know we hit it off. The interview was easy and fun and thanks to curious passersby the previous day and that morning, we had had more than enough practice talking about the how’s and why’s of van life. 

Vaniel didn’t say much (that’s so unlike him), but damn did he look good. 

I think my favorite part is my face when I realize Colin’s going to go into detail about our toilet. “We haven’t pooped in it yet.” Fantastic. BUT it is what everyone wants to know, so you gotta give the people what they want!

Hello SWFL interview
That moment you realize he’s definitely going to talk about poop on air.

To see the full interview, click on the image below of those two crazy kids in love. 🙂
Hello SWFL interview

If you don’t have facebook, you can also view it here (Mom).


All photo and video credit goes to the amazing Ninos Houma and Hello SWFL

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