Climbing in Kentucky and mountain biking in Indiana

To close out our six weeks on the road, we decided to go climbing in the Red River Gorge. Little did we know when we pulled up to the “climber’s area” outside the park that we would be walking into an entire community. Ahhh, Miguel’s. It was incredible; a climber’s heaven. Vans were abundant, people were all over the place, and the food selection was to die for (even though the entire menu only fit on one tiny piece of paper). 

The climbing in Red River Gorge was excellent; our only problem was we didn’t have enough time to do it justice. This would be an excellent place to climb consistently and improve your skills. Instead, we only climbed for one day. With that said, it felt great to knock some of the dust off.

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On our hustle back to Illinois for a bachelor party, we swung by Cincinnati for another Bradley University reunion tour. We had a delectable dinner, got to hang out with our friends and their fantastic kiddos. Then, in the morning, we were sent off with tummies FULL.  Nothing I like better than starting the day with two men cooking me a delicious breakfast. 🙂

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After Cincinnati, we were once again home in Illinois. Colin went to a bachelor party, I hung out with my family, and we stayed in town for about a week before taking off again. This time, it was for a quick trip across the state line to Indiana’s Brown County State Park to meet up with friends. We had no idea how HUGE it was – over 16,000 acres! It also happens to be a mountain biker’s mecca. “Designed from scratch by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. With miles and miles of flowing trail, scenic vistas and amazing terrain Brown County has become a world-class mountain biking destination.” Now, I am not a mountain biker (yet). Colin has dabbled in it and he really likes it. Thankfully, our friends Brad and Virginia, lent us their mountain bikes to borrow for the weekend. We hiked, we biked, we camped, and we had one hell of a group cookout! We even ran into some fellow van lifers!

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Next up: A brief interlude in Illinois and then, we’re back on the road – for REAL this time. Who knows how long we’ll be gone – years? decades?? 

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